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Join the email list!

What's an email list?  It's a single email address that has all of the members' email addresses.  When one of the members sends an email to this special address, the email goes to everyone on the list.  When someone replies, the reply goes to everyone.

Why should I get on the list?  So you can stay connected with hYpe through the week. Hear about schedule changes right away. Share inspiring emails with the group.  Be together as world events unfold...  that sort of thing.

I don't want to sign up and never be able to get off ever again.  Have no fear: You can unsubscribe at any time.  Instructions for unsubscribing are at the bottom of every email you get from the list.

How do I sign up?  There's two steps:
    1. Send an email to  It doesn't matter what it says.  Their computer will generate an email back to you right away.
    2. Reply to the email they sent you.  This confirms that you really want to join the list and it wasn't that your stupid little brother didn't sign you up when you walked away from your computer.

What's the address to send an email to the list?

Are there other lists than just this one?  Yes, there are two other lists, one for guys and one for grlz.  You sign up the same way: send an email to

They will send you an email like before.  Reply to it, and you're in.  Then you can send emails to

Questions?  send email to me at:

gnormhurst -at- yahoo -dot- com
(replace -at- with @ and -dot- with .)