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Directions to Paul and Jen's

From the church:
- take 518 (Broad St.) east towards Princeton
- when you come to Great Rd., make a right (this is the corner that the Sub Station is on)
- follow Great Rd., which turns into Elm St., until it deadends at a light at Rt. 206, also called Stockton St.
- turn left onto 206
- the first street you come to will be Hibbon St., it only goes to the right
- pass Hibbon St. and turn right, into the driveway that is about 100 yards past Hibbon St.
- to your left will be an apartment building, that's where I live, Roberts Hall
- follow the driveway to the back to park and then come back to where you entered the driveway

- Roberts Hall has 3 doors, enter at the door closest to 206, where you turned in
- find the stairs, go up to second floor, make a right and we're #202.

Here's a map.

Total drive time is about 15 minutes.